Central Oregon Agritourism

We offer exclusive Agritourism Bike Tours here in Central Oregon's quiet high desert. Our farm to table adventures explore the Ochoco National Forest and the Crooked River area below the vast steppes of Crook County. Experience area dairy farms and organic gardens, explore a lavender labyrinth, and discover rock formations on more than 2,000 acres of private ponderosa pine forest.

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August 19, 2017

Come visit us at Good Bike Co.

We're happy to host C.R.O.P.'s rotating farmer's market this year on August 19. To learn more or if the preset dates don't work for you, call or email Good Bike Co. to schedule a private agritourism adventure.

Crooked River Open Pastures, C.R.O.P., organizes rotating farmer's markets on select Saturdays from Spring through Fall at some of Central Oregon's finest local craft businesses.

Our Local Agriculture Partners


Wine Down Ranch

Wine Down Ranch sits on 2,100 acres nestled against the Ochoco National Forest. Scenic meadows, managed forest lands, and rock vistas make up the beautiful landscape of this family owned working guest ranch. Enjoy wine and cheese tasting on a relaxing day in the swaying Ponderosa forest.

Windy Acres

Windy Acres Dairy Farm, is a herd share grade A sheep and cow dairy. Learn the daily routine of a dairy farmer. Sample sheep and cow products as you walk the farm and experience for a day what it is like to be a farm hand. 

Prineville Lavender

Prineville Lavender welcomes you to stroll through the Lavender Labyrinth and other gardens on our quaint farm. We offer Prineville Lavender essential oil, handmade lavender sachets, refreshing floral water spritzers, and dried lavender bud. Other gifts are available at our farmstand allowing you the opportunity to take a bit of the high desert home with you. 

Dancing Cow Farm

For more than a decade Dancing Cow Farm has used organic, holistic, biodynamic, and permaculture methods with the goal of becoming sustainable as a small food production farm that can feed a community. The farm raises heritage breeds that are listed on the American Livestock Breed Conservancy list of cattle, sheep, swine, and poultry. Our vegetable, herb and flower seeds are mostly heritage or personally saved. Here you’ll also find a root cellar, alternative farming practices and buildings that work, as well as Top Bar Honey Bee Hives, Lavender Guinea Fowl, Peacocks, Icelandic Horses, the rescue rabbit, Bucky, Australian Kelpie Working Dogs, and farmhouse cats.

Cada Dia Cheese.jpg

Cada Dia Cheese

Cada Dia Cheese is a small, family-run dairy farm that began in New Mexico. In 2009, they relocated to Prineville, Oregon and set loose their twenty Jersey cows to graze 60 acres of irrigated pasture. What sets this dairy apart from other, larger operations is that it is completely self-contained. This family of four milks the cows, makes the cheese, and ages it all in one place – right on the farm. Using what is known as a "seasonal" method of cheese making, their herd is milked once a day April through November.